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Mumford and Sons will rock into their 70s
Mumford and Sons will rock into their 70s

Mumford and Sons predict they will still be making music and touring in their 70s.

The ‘I Will Wait’ hitmakers – who released their fourth studio album ‘Delta’ in November – have vowed to keep on rocking into retirement age, as over a decade since the band formed in 2007, they are still loving what they do and find it “more interesting” now than they did at the beginning of their career.

Referencing 72-year-old music icon Sir Elton John’s 50-year-career, the band’s multi-instrumentalist Ben Lovett told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: “Elton doesn’t need to do it at all – he does it because that’s what he’s here to do on this earth.

“There’s a sense of duty to it and that’s what is really beautiful.

“I could totally see us doing it in 40 years because it’s going to be just as ­interesting.

“And I say that because we’ve been doing it for over 10 years now and it’s got more interesting.”

Ben admitted that touring is “very addictive” and that they “massively appreciate” their fans filling arenas.

He added: “I massively appreciate it when anyone comes to our gigs now.

“I didn’t even clock that years ago — and now it blows my mind that people want to do that.

“We’re insatiable when it comes to touring. It’s very addictive.”

Frontman Marcus Mumford – who has daughter Evelyn, three, and welcomed son Wilfred into the world with wife Carey Mulligan in September 2017 – says that he actually ends up spending more time with his family than he would if he was in a normal job when the band tour because they have long periods off the road.

He insisted: “No one is telling us to do this. We love it. Everyone works hard, everyone’s away from their family.

“I probably see as much of my kids as lots of friends who do nine-to-five jobs, because we’re then off for a week between sections of the tour so we are just at home.”

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