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Raye: Love Island helps me to escape my stresses
Raye: Love Island helps me to escape my stresses

Raye turns to ‘Love Island’ when she wants to escape her music-related stresses.

The 21-year-old singer – who featured on Jonas Blue’s 2016 single ‘By Your Side’ – has admitted to being obsessed with the popular ITV show, saying it’s one of her favourite ways to relax when she’s not on stage or in the recording studio.

Asked how she copes with her hectic working schedule, Raye exclusively told BANG Showbiz at Capital’s Summertime Ball on Saturday (08.06.19): “I love my friends, I love my family, I love the pub … I love a game of Monopoly, a card game, a glass of wine … ‘Love Island’ is on, you know? I love just being with people I love.”

Raye also revealed she’s already developed a particular fondness for some of this year’s participants.

Asked which of the ‘Love Island’ contestants she likes the most, the singer explained: “Who is my favourite contestant…? I don’t know. Anna? Oh yeah, I like Anna. Anna and what’s his name…? Craig, right? [No] Curtis, Curtis and Amy.

“But I like Anna – I think she’s real.”

Meanwhile, Raye previously revealed that her collaboration with Jonas Blue came about through good fortune, rather than careful planning.

She explained: “My friend’s dad is an Uber driver, and he happened to pick up Jonas Blue. And he says: ‘You have to hear this girl called Raye. She’s so good.’

“He was banging on about it for the whole journey, so Jonas didn’t have any option but to listen to it … and then he loved it and reached out to my label saying, ‘I’d love to get Raye on this song.'”

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