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Liam Gallagher not mad for mud at Glastonbury
Liam Gallagher not mad for mud at Glastonbury

Liam Gallagher can’t stand the mud at the Glastonbury festival when it rains.

The ‘Shockwave’ rocker is performing on the Pyramid Stage on the Saturday night at this year’s event just before The Killers’ headline but he has joked he is going to cancel his slot if the site on Worthy Farm in Somerset, South West England, gets swamped with its trademark mud and sludge.

Speaking on BBC Radio 2, Liam said: “I’m well excited, I like Glastonbury, it’s alright. As long as it’s not muddy, I can’t be doing with the mud. I know everybody bangs on about it being great, no it aint. There’s nothing great about mud, unless you’re in (the band) Mud. All that squelching and that … Only pigs do mud. But we don’t know if it’s going to muddy yet, it might be nice. But if it’s muddy then I’m cancelling, someone else can have that slot.”

Taking on a more serious tone, he added: “It’s a top place, there’s nothing like it, no ever festival is like that, there’s lots of people and lots of energy.”

Liam, 46, will perform his set after Janet Jackson and the former Oasis frontman plans on watching the RandB legend’s set before singing himself.

He vowed: “I’ll be watching Janet Jackson and spurring her on, I like Janet Jackson. I don’t have to away and get in the zone, I’m constantly in the zone. There’s no going away for half an hour to get in the zone, I am the zone.”

Some might say Liam is a Glastonbury veteran as he has performed at the festival on several occasions and has headlined the Pyramid Stage twice with Oasis in 1995 and 2004.

The ‘Live Forever’ hitmakers first ever appearance in 1994 is considered to be one of the best ever sets in the event’s history and has been cited by organisers Michael and Emily Eavis as one of their favourite Glastonbury moments.”

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