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Perfectionist Madonna
Perfectionist Madonna

Madonna is a perfectionist.

The 60-year-old pop icon recently worked with Mykki Blanco on her latest video ‘Dark Ballet’, where she cast him as legendary French heroine Joan of Arc, and Blanco says Madonna was invested in every aspect of the production.

He told Billboard: “She’s so invested in every detail of what she does, and when someone’s been doing this for 30 years, especially a pop icon like her, I guess you would expect that. Intention is very important to her, that’s what I took away.”

He revealed that Madonna was completely hands-on and even took over a choreography rehearsal during the sheet.

Blanco explained: “Within an hour and a half, we had new choreography directly from Madonna. Madonna’s a hell of a dancer.”

And while the video is unusual, Blanco insisted that Madonna was not just going for shock value but she had a “deeper intention”.

He said: “We don’t just shoot something or move or flail our arms just for the hell of it. There’s always a deeper, inner intention.”

Blanco also praised Madonna for helping and encouraging other creatives, including him.

He explained: “For her to reach her hand out and lift me up creatively to her level … that does mean something to me. This project has exposed me to an audience that might not have been within my reach.

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