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Matty Healy’s had a ‘couple of relapses’ since beating his heroin addiction
Matty Healy’s had a ‘couple of relapses’ since beating his heroin addiction

Matty Healy has had “a couple of relapses” since his stint in rehab in 2017 for a heroin addiction.

The 1975 frontman – who had kicked his drug habit with the help of equine (horse) therapy at a facility in Barbados – is not proud of his slip-ups since getting sober after recovering from his dependence on the highly-addictive opium three years ago.

The ‘Love Me’ hitmaker also confessed that he feels like a hypocrite when he tells the young artists on his record label Dirty Hit off for taking smack, whilst he insisted that he’s “dealing” with his vice by “trying to grow up”.

According to The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column, he said: “I’ve been all right since then but I have had a couple of relapses, and the main thing that really messes me up is the immaturity.

“Some of my younger artists . . .  when you’re young it’s nice to have somebody to look up to and talk to, and I kind of fill this role, as a quite wise and knowledgeable friend.

“I’ve been there, and if any of them were doing smack, I’d be like, ‘You dirty little . . . ’

“I’d have them by the ear.

“So it’s just inherent ridiculous hypocrisy.

“In regards to dealing with it, I’m just trying to grow up.”

After getting sober, Matty admitted he realised being hooked on drugs isn’t cool.

He said: “In 2018, it’s just not cool to be a heroin addict, is it? [Young people] don’t look up to junkies. I don’t look up to junkies.

“You can read their literature, but, God, imagine hanging out with them – what a f***ing nightmare.

“People on heroin are boring. These days, people like it when you’ve got your s**t together, and you’ve got stuff to say.”

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